Will Smith delays "Suicide Squad 2" production
Smith's busy schedule will push filming until September next year

Date: 31 Aug 2017

Taron Egerton's "Robin Hood" delayed
New release dates were announced for the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced movie and several others

Date: 30 Aug 2017

How "BvS", "Wonder Woman" link to "Justice League"
More details have been revealed as to how the upcoming movie will unravel

Date: 29 Aug 2017

Ed Skrein exits "Hellboy" reboot after controversy
Whitewashing controversy causes the English actor to decline playing the originally Asian character

Date: 29 Aug 2017

"Moonlight" actor to lead "The Equalizer 2"
Ashton Sanders to join Denzel Washington, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman for the sequel

Date: 25 Aug 2017

Jackie Chan says his "The Foreigner" role is very different
The actor says that he took the offer to play the role because it's not a cop or a kung fu master

Date: 25 Aug 2017

Joker-Harley Quinn film is the next "Suicide Squad" spinoff
Now both the twisted lovers will appear together in yet another spinoff of the 2016 movie

Date: 24 Aug 2017

Morgan Freeman wins SAG Life Achievement Award
He will be presented with the award at SAG's annual ceremony next January

Date: 23 Aug 2017

The Joker to get an origin movie!
The Warner Bros. and DC property is in talks to be directed by "Hangover" helmer Todd Phillips

Date: 23 Aug 2017

"Deadpool" baddie cast in "Hellboy" reboot
Ed Skrein will play a supernaturally-powered agent working for B.P.R.D.

Date: 22 Aug 2017

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